Come join us for the 2012 exciting Cheer & Dance competition...Who will be the best this year??


Take a look at a Greater Houston Cheer & Dance competition video clip below!The Greater Houston Cheer & Dance Explosion,Saturday, March 19, 2005
HISD Barnett Stadium Fieldhouse




We're back and better than ever!! This is our 17th year hosting Houston area competitions and this year’s competition guarantees to be the best ever. As usual, our competition is designed to show the true spirit of Cheerleading and Dance in the Houston area schools and community. Cheerleaders and Dance Teams are often regarded as girls jumping around and screaming and are sometimes not fully appreciated for what they do. This competition was designed not only to see who has the best Cheerleading and Dance Teams in Houston , but also to give Cheerleaders, Dance Teams, and their sponsors a chance to meet and compare ideas and learn from one another. For Cheerleaders and Dance Teams who have never participated in a competition, this event will be a good starting point while those who have competed before will be able to see how the measure up with other public schools, private schools, and neighborhood programs. This year we have 14 team championships and 22 Individual Championships “up for grab” in the competition:









Greater Houston Elementary Cheerleading Champions
 Greater Houston Elementary Dance Team Champions
Greater Houston Middle School Cheerleading Champions
 Greater Houston Middle School Dance Team Champions
Greater Houston High School Cheerleading Champions
Greater Houston High School Dance Team Champions
Greater Houston Middle School Step Team Champions
Greater Houston High School Step Team Champions

****Greater Houston Elementary Twirling Champions****
****Greater Houston Secondary Twirling Champions****
**** new divisions****
**** new divisions****


Greater Houston Neighborhood/Community Junior Cheer Champions (age 3-11)
Greater Houston Neighborhood/Community Junior Dance Champions (age 3-11)
Greater Houston Neighborhood/Community Senior Cheer Champions (age 12 & up)
Greater Houston Neighborhood/Community Senior Dance Champions (age 12 & up)


Best Jump Champion
Best Tumble Pass Champion
Best Cheer Champion
Best Cheer Duo Champions
Best Cheer Trio Champions
Best Stunt Team Champions
Best Dancer Championship
Best Dance Duo Champions

Greater Houston
Cheerleader of the Year

Greater Houston
 Dancer of the Year

Greater Houston
High Stepper of the Year

** Each division has an Elementary Winner and Secondary Winner**

Competition Overview

This will be more than a cheerleading competition. It is our goal that not one cheerleader, dancer, or sponsor leaves empty-handed. We want this competition to benefit your squad in some way. For this reason we will provide the following.

  • Each Cheerleader and Dancer will receive a Championship Medallion for participation.
  • Each Sponsor will receive a complementary packet, which will include different items donated by our sponsors, fundraising ideas, spirit ideas, cheerleading & Dance uniform information, and fundraising samples from vendors.
  • There will be vendors from different cheerleading, dance, and fundraising companies at the competition selling cheerleading & dance paraphernalia and introducing fundraising ideas to your group.
  • There will be a photographer at the competition for squads who would like to take individual and/or group pictures.
  • Participants and sponsors will have a chance to receive door prizes donated by different cheerleading & dance companies and vendors.
  • If requested by the sponsor, squads will be allowed to survey the performance area, test your music on our system, and practice for a limited time the day before the competition.
  • Squads and families are welcome to create signs, posters, and banners to put around the competition area to show support and spirit for your squad .
  • More prizes, awards, and activities will be announced in the final newsletter before the competition.

General Rules

  • Teams must have at least 4 members. All members must be from the same school/program.
  • Mascots are welcome to perform with their squads; however, the mascot will be counted as a member during registration time.
  • All team members must start within the competition area. All competitors should come onto the floor, imm ed iately take their place, and start their routine.
  • Props should be placed on the floor before the squad comes into the competition area. The only hand-held props permitted are pompons, flags, megaphones, and signs. Wearable articles (i.e. hats, gloves, sunglasses, tear-away uniforms) are not considered props and therefore ARE permitted. Props brought into the competition area must be physically used and not placed for decoration.
  • Substitutions may be made on your squad in the event of an injury or academic probation of a member. Please report any substitutions as soon as possible.
  • One representative from your group (i.e. Sponsor. Advisor, Coach, or anyone who knows your routine) will be responsible for running your music during the competition. This person must remain at the sound table throughout the entire performance
  • Please bring two copies of your music on quality cassettes or CD’s to the competition. Poor music quality distracts from your well-prepared routine and could affect your scoring by the judges.
  • Timing will begin with the first organized movement of a cheer or dance, the first note of music, first word of a cheer, building of a pyramid, or stunt. Timing of the routine will stop when team holds in a final formation, pyramid, or stunt or a signal is given by team captain or sponsor. Once that signal is given, squad members may run off or do a tumbling exit without being judged or timed.
  • The order of performance will be selected randomly unless an advisor makes a special request.


Individual Competitions

  • Performers must be a part of a school/team that is registered in the competition.
  • Each performer must have the required Individual Competition permission slip that has been signed by their parent/guardian and coach along with a health form (this should have been turned in with the team registration).
  • Individuals performing with music needs to have an advisor, sponsor, parent, or someone who knows the routine at the sound booth to run their music. This person needs to remain there throughout the entire performance.
  • The order of performance will be select ed randomly unless an advisor makes a special request. The younger performers will perform first. Registration forms and changes must be submitted at least a week before the competition.